"We use Old School Values, With New World Technology"...amb
"We use Old School Values, With New World Technology"...amb
Bissanti Realty & Appraisals
Bissanti Realty & Appraisals

Bissanti Realty Brokered Walgreens in Both Franklin and Bellingham

355 East Central Street to the Town of Franklin for use as the New Town Hall Brokered by Andrew Bissanti

McDonalds on Rte 140 , Franklin

6-family on Bradford Ave., Fall River, Ma.. We handle residential property on the South Coast too..Brokered by Karen Borden

3 Fam., in Attleboro, MA brokered by Karen Borden ..

693 East Central St, Franklin, $850K
Dental bldg, Franklin $1.8M
We sell Businesses too!!!! Grocery store South Main street, Bellingham.We Sell Business Too!
Grove Street, Franklin


Bissanti Realty

205 E Central St

Franklin, MA 02038


Phone: +1 508 5287111

Fax: +1 508 528 5193

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